We all benefit from daylight and exposure to views. Daylight improves performance, stimulates learning, and increases satisfaction.

As the Building Industry makes a contribution to lessen our impact on the environment, the glazing industry has introduced many products that help our customers accomplish this without sacrificing daylight, design and the architectural aesthetics that windows provide.

This is accomplished by using a high performance fenestration system. Sherrin Glass & Metal has made it a priority to be informed of all new information from the NFRC – National Fenestration Rating Council.

With this information SGM is able to assist our customers in choosing the correct fenestration systems for the management of thermal and solar performance and assurance of Title 24 code compliance.

LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design point system promotes reducing energy use and improving indoor environmental quality.

Glass choices can earn LEED point in up to 5 categories: Indoor Environmental Quality, Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Innovation and Design Process and Regional Priority Category.

Sherrin Glass & Metal’s knowledgeable and detail-minded Engineering Department is available to guide you through the process of choosing high performance glass or a fenestration system.