Master of His Craft

Sherrin Glass and Metal, Inc. was founded in 1993, by father and son, Don and Paul Sherrin. As a young man, Don was taught by his father that “every man should become a master of his craft.” In 1954, as Don was beginning his career, he discovered the Glazing Apprenticeship Program, a promising training program that would allow Don to hone his craft and eventually become a significant contributor to the glazing industry.

Continued Advances

During Don’s career he continued to make advances in the training for apprentice glaziers. From 1966-1981 he served on the “Southern Counties Glazier Architectural Metal and Glass Worker Industry Joint Apprenticeship Committee.”

Don assisted with writing the Training Books for the State of California and was awarded for “his time and energy in promoting, developing, and maintenance of the apprentices training.”

Passion for Leading

Paul Sherrin, Don’s 3rd son, grew up immersed in the glazing world - many family car trips were sidetracked by his father to observe a recently completed job.

It was no surprise that Paul joined the apprenticeship program that his dad had been so instrumental in developing. Paul’s 1st job in the glass business was preparing shop drawings and submittals, eventually watching the shop drawings he had produced make their way to the real world when he ran fabrication.

After completing his training in installation, Paul discovered his real passion - running jobs and leading his own crew. He established an impressive track record of completing jobs on time and on budget.

Partnered and Launched

With this broad based knowledge, hands on experience, and unrivaled passion for the business Paul and Don partnered to launch Sherrin Glass & Metal, Inc. – SGM

Building Relationships

In their third year, Paul and Don knew they needed someone to work exclusively with their clients. No one would do a better job than Paul’s older brother, Chris.

Chris worked from the bottom up—literally—his early years were spent picking weeds in the parking lot of the glass shop where Don worked.

He later mastered fabrication and installation, but Chris’ natural talent for building relationships made sales a perfect fit and over the years Chris forged many lasting relationships. Maintaining these relationships by providing quality projects is a significant part of the continued success of Sherrin Glass & Metal.

Maintaining Commitments

The contributions that Don Sherrin made to the glazing industry remain the cornerstone of Sherrin Glass & Metal today. Paul and his team maintain their commitment to craftsmanship and continue to operate a company that thrives on superior quality, lasting relationships and a look to the future for modern glazing solutions.